Christian Vande Velde
  • Venus de Miles

    Venus de Miles

    First, I gotta tell ya, this blog isn’t about food. Recently, I’ve had an old friend who called me up and asked me to be a part of an all woman charity bike ride. I’m not sure if you know …

  • Butternut Squash

    Butternut Squash

    Gosh it has been way too long. I haven’t had a husband to cook for in 3 weeks! Some might jump at this opportunity, but for me it is like losing my livelihood. I mean really, who wants to cook …

  • Raw Beet Salad

    Raw Beet Salad

    I made this salad the other night because Christian loves his beets. The health benefits are endless. When buying beets at the store; choose ones that are fresh, bright, and firm. Avoid those that are soft in consistency. Basic rule …

  • spaghetti with clams

    What a Week!

    It all started with Madeline, our 3 year old getting a virus, then my mother-in-law arrives, not that it is bad, but just something different in the routine. Then Christian get a sinus infection, I get diagnosed with strep throat, …

  • Leah and the Girls

    Pre Race Goodies

    On Tuesday of this week, the Vulta Catalunya came to Girona, our home town in Spain. The race not only started in Girona but also finished in Girona. To get the stage of to a good start the girls and …

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